2015 Toyota FT1

2015 Toyota FT1

Toyota is tucked successor Supra sports car that could turn out to be accurate after the Japanese manufacturer unveiled in Detroit design studio FT – first.

The concept of the FT – 1 is designed in a design studio CALTY Design Research in California. By what the Toyota symbol FT refers to the phrase The Future, while the number 1 should be reminiscent of the highlights of this car.

The exterior of the concept indicates that this is a car with a distinctive sports and racing characteristics, whose power has to be channeling through numerous aerodynamic solutions, including a movable rear spoiler, which should provide an additional vehicle stability at high speeds.

Silhouette concept follows the lines of the Toyota GT 86, while  part of the car with a prominent nose, huge air intakes and splitter associated with Formula 1

On the outside is a noticeable influence of Lexus design concept sports cars from the last few years.

With a head-up display that projects the instrument readings to windshield glass in front of the driver, there is racing multifunctional steering wheel with paddles to change gears and typical pedal foot control, stainless steel.

Although the car still will not be able to racing at real off road and speedway, racing fans will soon be able to travel to meet with him in the game Gran Turismo 6th.

2015 Toyota FT1 interior

2015 Toyota FT1

Toyota FT1

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